16 January 2012


salam to everyone, todays' entry is all about my cats. Why my cats? Because i remember my late jizzle now. I have 4 cats name highway, jingga, jizzle n hachiko. I adopted highway n jingga from adoption centre based at ara damansara. N both of the kittens were so adorable at that time. Thats my very first cats that i have. A year later, i adopted another 2 kittens n i named it hachiko n jizzle. There are siblings. I adopted them from my cousin husband's house. Mix with persian.

By the way, highway's pic  is not here because my phone was crashed n all the pics of highway was gone. I love all my cats so much but unfortunately, the 2 of them had gone already. Highway dissapeared n jizzle died because of abortion. Im very sad because no more generation of jizzle i could safe. N for highway i hope, he turns back home again.

Last week another bad news i faced where hachiko was affected by virus. The immune system was down n he got sick n doc said the liver was affected too. It turns hachiko's condition very bad. He became very passive. No eat n drink. N i have to feed him every 5 hour. He got fever (demam kuning). i tried my best to safe his life n brought him to the clinic. Im so scared because i dont want another 'jizzle' gone away.

But today, chiko's recovery getting better. He started to eat n drink. I hope he getting stronger n stronger. N im surprised today he can eat both wet food n dry food. Im so touch. Hahahaha mcm mak2 tgk anak baru start jalan or sebut nama mak for first time.

For jingga, hahaha that my gemok is so naughty. Very arrogant towards chiko, she even dont want to share food with chiko because chiko is not recover entirely. But whatever it is, i love jingga because she is very independent cat.

No doubt it is just a cat but, the interrelationship between us is very strong. They can recognize me n follow me to the nearest shop. They are very tame now n i hope they can live longer with me :) . Im so excited to have my own house so that i can live with all my cats under one roof.

So, love ur cats eventhough it is just a cat. Dont discriminate them. love them like we love our family too. Thats all for now

P/s: another baby boo from me n my love. Tabby cat story coming soon. He's cute like i am. Hahaha. But that one my bb take care of him. Keep on reading to get to know with my GEMOK.


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