26 June 2012

WEEKEND 23-24/6

salam to everyone,
how's life? moving or undo? hahah life must go on.
alhamdulillah me, as usual busy with hubby and family.
last weekend me went back to terengganu coz hubby needs to attend an interview at hospital terengganu. spa called for an interview. so, friday night, we on the way back terngganu. driving is one of the tiring things in the world which i dont like so much. travel makes me UNenergetic coz we need to stay in the car for about 5-6 hours. oh no! god knows how the feeling. aiyakk!!

we arrived at 4.45a.m about that time coz hubby drive slowly. me? hahah sleep all the way. (xboleh harap punya bini). which thing i dont like to do. travell n selfdrive. apa ayat ini?
just arrived in terengganu, we lepak for awhile for tea tarik at area batu buruk. and finish things,
we went to rumah maa. what a tiring journey. but what to do, just for him im willing to sacrifice what i have. 

2 days we were there, lepaking at home, jalan2 at the beach and the things that we always do there, makan2 ooohhhhhh what a wonderful life in terengganu. wish we can transfer there. after 2 days doing nothing, a day after that, hubby went for an interview. alhamdulillah everyhing went fine. hopefully rezeki together with him so he can get the job. 

at 3.00 p.m we packed up our stuff and ready to take off to kuala lumpur. together with maa and abah, we started our journey. we arrived at kl around 11.30p.m

salam kasih sayang,

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